Moving on…Five Steps for Sale Prep

You’re bursting at the seams. Or you’ve been transferred. Or it’s time to downsize. For whatever reason, your current house is no longer your long-term home and your thoughts turn to the new place. Will it have a sunny kitchen? A garden? You spend your days browsing home-porn sites like Houzz and your nights dreaming about your new life. You interview realtors and they tell you how great your current home is, what a high price it will fetch. Then reality comes crashing down … The realtor tells you very matter-of-factly: You need to spiff things up. You need to “stage” your rooms. Continue Reading

Three must-do’s before beginning that home improvement project

It can be daunting to take on a home improvement project. For those who find the whole process overwhelming, it can help to think of it in three easy steps. Step #1: Get organized, Pick your fixtures, colors, etc. prior to calling a contractor. While home improvement contractors may be willing to help you in the design process they are not designers for the most part. There is, however, a middle ground. Online resources such as the Houzz website and Pinterest are a great place to find ideas. If design help is important, see if any local contractors have accounts Continue Reading

Resources for the Consumer

We are very fortunate in Connecticut as the State has in place a number of guidelines and programs for people in the market for home improvement. These are available on-line and free at the Department of Consumer Protection’s website. On this site, there is a tool called “eVerify” that allows homeowners the ability to instantly check any contractor or tradesperson’s current license status. The most important thing to know, is that if you have a contract, you have protection. By Connecticut state law,  a contract is required for any work exceeding $200.00. The State administers a fund to help reimburse homeowners who Continue Reading