Resources for the Consumer

We are very fortunate in Connecticut as the State has in place a number of guidelines and programs for people in the market for home improvement. These are available on-line and free at the Department of Consumer Protection’s website. On this site, there is a tool called “eVerify” that allows homeowners the ability to instantly check any contractor or tradesperson’s current license status.

The most important thing to know, is that if you have a contract, you have protection. By Connecticut state law,  a contract is required for any work exceeding $200.00. The State administers a fund to help reimburse homeowners who have done their due diligence if a contractor fails to finish the agreed scope of work. Monies in the fund are provided by home improvement contractor’s license fees.
What should the Contract include per State law:
  • It must be in writing, including all changes and modifications.
  • It must include your Contractor Registration (HIC) number.
  • It must include four dates: the date the contract is signed, the date the
    work will begin, the date by which the work will be completed, and the date by which the homeowner may cancel the transaction.
  • It must include a Notice of the Customer’s Right to Cancel within three
    business days after signing the contract.
  • The Notice must be attached to and made part of the contract, and must be in duplicate. See an example, below.
  • The Notice contained in the contract must be near the customer’s signature and in substantially the following form:

“You the buyer may cancel this transaction at any time prior tomidnight on the third business day after the date of this transaction. See the attached notice of cancellation for an explanation of this right.”

  • NOTE: Saturday is a legal business day in Connecticut.
  • Both the contractor and the customer must sign and date the contract.
  • The contractor must give the customer a completed copy of the contract to keep.