Our team of skilled contractors will work with you to enhance your enjoyment of your home. We can renovate living spaces, kitchens, and baths, making them attractive and functional for today’s lifestyle. Whether you are expanding, downsizing, thinking about accessibility, or just tired of the old finishes, let us help you love your home again.

What is the difference between a professional paint job and a “homeowner’s special”? Professionals do the prep work right. We will patch, smooth, sand, and mud those walls and make your rooms look like new. A fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel of a room. Call us for an estimate!

At Fair Trades, we enjoy tiling. A tile backsplash in a kitchen or bath can be the jewelry of a room, brightening up a dark space. Tile floors can hide muddy paw prints. A tiled shower enclosure can create an oasis of natural beauty in a small space. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

It can painful to spend money on a home you’re about to leave. But a smart investment in freshening up your home pays for itself many times over as those offers come rolling in. We work with professional home stagers to come up with a comprehensive list of small projects that will return big dollars.

Not everybody needs a whole new kitchen or bath. And we know it’s hard to find someone who will take care of your honey-do list. The challenge with handyman services is that it’s difficult for most contractors to quote and manage those jobs. At Fair Trades we are committed to transparency. This makes it straightforward to do these “time and materials” jobs at a price that is fair to our customers and provides a reasonable rate of pay to our team. We have a system for estimating and billing small jobs that eliminates surprises on both ends. Now there is no more reason to live with all those minor annoyances in your home!

Fair Trades Home Services is not a “general contractor”. Residential general contractors provide coordination and project management services when performing large-scale renovations, taking on the responsibility for quality control for subcontractors’ work as well as taking on the liability for subcontractors’ overages relative to what the GC estimated. This service comes at a hefty cost – typical markup for both subs and materials is often in the 30 to 40 percent range. At Fair Trades, we’d rather let the customers save money by contracting directly with the licensed trades, but there is often still a coordination service that is required.  In the interest of transparency, we simply charge for that service on an hourly basis (or sometimes as a smaller markup on the subcontracted work) as we would any other hourly service we provide. 

Chris Worthen holds an SP-1 license and has spent over 20 years building and maintaining public use pools. Now he applies that expertise in the residential pool services market. Homeowners can rest assured that their backyard pool is properly maintained to provide many years of enjoyment for their family and friends.

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